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Welcome to the Carr Maloney Cannabis blog, your trusted source for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis law.  We're dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments, regulations, and trends shaping the cannabis industry.

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional, an entrepreneur exploring opportunities in cannabis, or simply someone interested in staying informed about this rapidly growing field, our blog is your go-to resource. From licensing laws to regulatory updates, employment information to compliance strategies, we've got you covered.

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Meet Your Editor

Tina M. Maiolo 

Partner |

Tina Maiolo leads Carr Maloney's Cannabis Law Practice.  She advises clients as to federal, state and local laws, regulations and government guidance applicable to cannabis businesses (e.g. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA)), Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill), The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and guidance), and state-specific marijuana and hemp regulations.  She litigates commercial cannabis-based, as well as general commercial, matters; provides day-to-day advice and counsel as to general business, labor and employment, and immigration matters.

For more information or you need to contact Tina for legal advice, you can visit her profile on Carr Maloney's website.

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